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LA ROCHE COURBON is located in Saint-Porchaire between Saintes and Rochefort in the Charente-Maritime. Built in the XV° century, the château was substantially altered in the XVII°. The arcade which supports the balcony was added to the façade, as was the double flight of steps which leads down to the French gardens.

A series of well-integrated terraces with balustrades leads to the magnificent east-west views and to the steps flanking a water-course. The extension of the gardens gained on the marsh has led to their partial reconstruction on pilotis.

Inside :
• A room with pictures painted on wood in 1662
Louis XIII room with painted beams
The saintongeaise kitchen,
salle des gardes voûtée en berceau.
In the keep there is a museum containing prehistoric objects, and, in the south park, there are pre-historic caves the homes of Neanderthal man.

The coat of arms of Courbon d’Agès

The coat of arms of Courbon d'Agès

La Charente Maritime
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La Demeure Historique
Vieilles Maisons
Route Historique des
Trésors de Saintonge
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